Some of my graduation flowers.
In my blog, I try to be careful about not writing about people I work with or my friends here. It feels unethical to talk about them behind their back, especially considering the fact that I don't advertise my blog among my Estonian friends. Well, today I'm breaking my rule.

I want to say a few words about my senior pastor.

He's, like, exceptionally cool.

When I came home from Newbold last summer, it felt like the end of the world in a way. I was so sad for the fact that I couldn't study any more and that I suddenly had to do something completely different. I had no idea I was actually being enrolled in a different kind of course where I would gain so much new knowledge. And my senior pastor is my professor. Seriously. It's only now that I'm starting to realise how lucky I am for being able to work with and learn from him. He's just six years older than me but he's been to the pastoral ministry for about fifteen years already, and it shows. He's got the vision and he's got the skills for the job. And I'm watching and learning.

It turned out that we both graduated from our MA studies this spring. His took twice as much time as mine but we both finally managed to finish our studies. My graduation was on Sunday, his graduation ceremony was yesterday. And that could possibly mean only one thing - paaartyyy! So today after the church service we gathered at his family's place with a bunch of friends and had a wonderful afternoon with a lot of food and even more laughter.

One day, possibly after my internship, I'll look back at this time and thank God for enrolling me in this class. I don't know what will my grade be for that course but I'll sure walk away with priceless experience and knowledge.

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