I don't want to flood the Facebook with my graduation pictures so I post some of them here. There are other people who took pictures of my family and friends and I'm hoping to get them at some point too. But here are a few of my own.

I felt like I represented all the minorities in the world. No, wait. Not all of them lol!
With T. before the ceremony. Every student needs another (older) student to look up to. Here you go - that's T. I've always admired his dedication and discipline.
I did it.
The ceremony.
My brother and my dad. Half of the family was missing. One day...

Of course!
And thus we all ended up in Daruchini.
Even G. R. graced us with his presence. :)
J. & S. (what were you doing, man?)
And when all is said and done, it's selfie time!

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