Tuesday's Tune

I'm going back to Estonia today. Musically, that is. And I'm breaking my unwritten rule not to post two songs from the same singer/band during my first blogging year. Some rules just need to be broken, that's all I can say. So we're back to band called Ewert And The Two Dragons and this time it's their song You Had Me At Hello that needs to be listened to. There's magic in that song. 

I know they're someone else's words
But they will have to do
It was just too hard for me to learn
But I had a song for you
So all I have to say now baby
You had me at hello


I hit 20 000 words yesterday and it really starts feeling like it's time to finish the work on my Paper. I'll try to get my concluding chapter into such a shape that I could send it to Dr V. tonight. And then I need to wait for his final comments with fear and trembling. But honestly, if he doesn't kill it, I actually might be able to finish everything by the end of this week. Ah, sweet!


I'd like to say a big thank you to gentlemen J., J. and S. for Saturday evening. I felt like an undercover SDA-CIA agent on a secret mission, doing important stuff under the cover of darkness haha! It sure was memorable. Thanks, guys!

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