So I'm spending my days at M.'s place, feet up, listening to a Norwegian singer named Kurt Nilsen, a cup of tea in one and a good book in the other hand. It's a good and much needed break between the sadness of home and the last academic efforts in Newbold.

I'm reading Henri Nowen at the moment. He's so good I need to share this with you. This is from his masterpiece The Wounded Healer.

"Jesus was a revolutionary, who did not become an extremist, since he did not offer an ideology, but Himself. He was also a mystic, who did not use his intimate relationship with God to avoid the social evils of his time, but shocked his milieu to the point of being executed as a rebel. /.../ I suppose you hesitate to consider yourself a mystic or a revolutionary, but when you have eyes to see and ears to hear you will recognise him in your midst. He is sometimes undeniably evident to the point of irritation, sometimes only partially visible. You will find him in the eyes of a guerrilla, the young radical or a boy with the picket sign. You will notice him in the quiet dreamer playing his guitar in the corner of a coffeehouse, in the soft voice of a friendly monk, in the melancholic smile of a student concentrating on his reading. You will see him in the mother who allows her son to go his own difficult way, in the father who reads to his child from a strange book, in the loud laughter of a young girl, in the indignation of a Young Lord, and in the determination of a Black Panther. You will find him in your own town, in your own family, and even in the strivings of your own heart, because he is in every man who draws his strength from the vision that dawns on the skyline of his life and leads him to a new world."

How beautiful is that!

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