Tuesday's Tune

When I'm home, I usually listen to either Estonian national radio or Estonian classical radio (which has some really good jazz programs; on top of good classical programs, that is). And sometimes when I hear a really good voice I don't recognise or a great song I don't know I drop everything and run to my computer to check from the radio's web page who's singing. It always shows there what's on air at any given moment. That's how I am introduced to great singers sometimes. That's also how I was introduced to a singer named Ani DiFranco.

I like the simplicity of her voice. And I like her lyrics.

So today's tune is Ani DiFranco's song You Had Time. I shared this song with a friend last week and said that I had no idea what it was about. Well, I've listened to this song for many times since and nothing has changed. I still like it. And I'm still clueless about what that song is saying. Lol.


Greetings from Norway-land! Yesterday, sitting in the airport and waiting for my flight, I felt like I had just started an Eat Pray Love trip. Seriously. I need to eat more. I need to pray a lot more. And I never mind loving more.

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