Tuesday's Tune

Let me tell you the story of me and Take 6 today.

There's no-one I've had a longer musical relationship with than Take 6. No-one.

There was this funny time long ago when my dad used to be the local conference president. So he went to the General Conference session in USA in 1990. And there someone told him about this crazy vocal group made of college kids who sang like no-one had ever sung before. So he bought their first cassette (yes, it was stone age) and brought it home. I was five. And I was hooked. I remember running around our house and jumping and singing to their music with my younger brother K. who was three years old at the time. And it's funny, I didn't know a single word in English but it didn't matter at all. So I've grown up with Take 6. I have most of their albums, and I know them by heart. We go back such a long time that sometimes I feel like their music has become part of my flesh and blood. Like it's part of me.

Another memory. In the secondary school we sometimes had those special afternoons when we would stay in our classroom after the school day was over, eat cookies and listen to music and play games with our class mates. And I remember our teacher once asking the class who could bring some good music from home to one of these afternoons. Many people raised hands. So did I. My first thought was - I could bring Take 6's cassettes to school. But the teacher picked someone else and that day I learned that other kids meant Backstreet Boys when they thought of good music. Who could have guessed, right.

When S. introduced Spotify to me during my first Newbold year, I used all of my free hours to listen to Take 6. Weirdo.

So that's my story. Like I said yesterday, there's no Christmas over here. But sometimes when I try really really hard, I can listen to a song or two. And then it's often Take 6's Oh, Come All Ye Faithful or something else from their first Christmas album.

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