Once again Newbold has been kind to me. 71. I'm not far from the kingdom, as Dr V. would say. :) I give myself an imaginary gold medal for my last exam which I took last week. To study while writing sermons and preaching, while constantly going back and forth between Tartu and Pärnu, while feeling the hope of mum getting better slowly dying, and still to get 70+ is something that speaks very clearly to me. It just tells me where my heart and passions really are.

One fine day when this nightmare is over and I'm free from my obligations and I've found a rich sponsor, I'll continue. I checked St Andrew's university's website the other day. Can you imagine what it would be like - to study in a university in Scotland where N. T. WRIGHT teaches New Testament! That's just about as wild as my dreams can get.

But these are all dreams dreamed from my dying mum's bed side.

It's time for her dinner now. She can eat couple of spoonful. And then we hope and pray that she wouldn't throw up. That's our everyday routine.

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