Tuesday's Tune

I went to John Mayer's concert the other day. I'm still well under its spell (although my sense of hearing has somewhat recovered). I had never seen anything like this, had never been to a proper pop concert. I mean, I've seen 100 000 people singing at the song festival in Estonia but I had never seen such a crowd indoors. 18 000 people, they said. Madness. There were things about it that I liked and some that I really didn't. But in any case it was an experience worth having.

But one thing I realised - you only see things from your own personal perspective. I kept wondering throughout the concert what it would feel like to stand in front of such a crowd. I want to know. Not that I plan to turn into a pop star but I plan to turn into a preacher. Yeah!


But Tuesday's Tune then - it's Erykah Badu's and Stephen Marley's In Love With You. One of my favourite love songs. It has such a cool vibe to it. And that's the way it has to be for both Erykah and Stephen are utterly cool.

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