Oh, guys, I really need to share this with you! I've started yet another project with a few friends - a monthly video message project for our church's young people. I got the idea from SEC's Monday Morning Messages and my wish was that something similar happened also here in Estonia. When I came back home in May and started sharing this idea, it turned out that some other people had thought of a similar thing, too. So once again I found out what I already knew and had experienced - you only need one Spirit, a handful of friends, and a good idea to get a project started. And so we did.

So here's our September's message. It's called Rabbis and Disciples. I don't have time to translate the whole thing and add subtitles (sorry!) but the central message is about education. I tell there how the school system worked back in Jesus' times and how the most brilliant young men got the privilege to become a rabbi's disciples. And the fact that Jesus found his disciples in a fishing boats means that these young guys didn't make the cut and had already been sent home for they were not brilliant enough. And how Jesus came and made them His kingdom's heroes, despite the fact that they were losers in the eyes of the society. And how Jesus keeps doing the same thing also today.

The place where we shot the video is also significant. You see there a huge statue which is kind of a symbol of education for us, Estonians. It has been built for a brilliant guy - Kristjan Jaak Peterson - who lived in the 19th century, who's regarded as a founder of modern Estonian poetry, who was all about education, and who died at the age of 21. So he's a bit mystical and romantic national symbol for us. It felt appropriate to speak about education at his feet haha.

Here are also a few pictures from our video shooting.


  1. Kiitos, Ansku! You Finns should be able to understand Estonian well enough. ;)