My flatmate E. is leaving this weekend. She came to work as the conference president's personal assistant a month after I had started working in Tallinn church and it was quite obvious that we would share the church's apartment. But she only agreed to work here for a half a year before moving on with her life. And so it is that she's packing these days and visiting her family members for the last time because she's off to Scotland on Sunday. And it makes me really sad because it's been a fun time being here with her. I think we've influenced each other in a good way. She has made me eat properly. I got her hooked on Don Miller's books. Sounds like a good deal. :)

I don't know what will happen in downstairs office now. Like, stuff really got done thanks to her. And she made the whole office livelier and louder. I will miss hearing her and the conference president arguing and laughing next door. They always had something to argue about. Always. So I think until the new secretary arrives we'll have a chaos and anarchy in our office. And silence. So sad.

So yesterday evening we wished her all the best and had the last supper with her. My senior pastor (aka conference president), his wife, our new Bible worker A. and the Russian church pastor R., me and E. headed out and had some quality time together. Then later in the evening we played some indoors golf. But probably the sweetest thing that happened and stuck with me was us walking through the old town to the train station almost in the middle of the night, and as my senior pastor got on the train (his wife had left a few hours earlier), the rest of us formed a line outside the train and we got our handkerchiefs and tissues out of our coat pockets, and I guess we tried to revive a scene from an old romantic movie so we waved goodbye and farewell, but we all laughed so hard no-one could have ever guessed it was a bunch of pastors fooling around late in the evening. And I thought to myself, gosh, such people! I could die for them!

[And here's the funniest thing. None of them had any idea. They had no idea they saved my life and sanity yesterday evening.]

Too bad all the golf pictures from yesterday are in someone else's phone. So this one picture from last week has to do. That's E. We had lunch together in our favorite place.

All the best for your journey, E. You'll be missed around here.

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