Let me moan and groan a little bit. It was a terrible day yesterday - it started really badly because I had to leave Tartu. It got worse when I arrived in Tallinn. And when I saw my apartment in the afternoon, I was floored. So I spent most of my day complaining - first I banged my head against my senior pastor's desk and declared that I didn't want to be in Tallinn. Then in the evening I poured my sadness on Q. who bravely put up with it and gave me a lecture on necessity of suffering haha! But then when a good friend invited me over for the night and rescued me from my sad apartment, and when we had tea in her lovely place and talked until it was too late, I didn't feel like complaining any more. I think friends saved my life yesterday.

And I realised one thing - when everything is strange and unfamiliar around you, it's the familiar music that makes things better. I must have listened to this song for about ten times yesterday just because it was something I knew in the middle of everything I didn't know. It's Swedish jazz singer Lisa Ekdahl and her version of Tea For Two.

Talking about tea. Can I complain just a little more? My favourite tea cup is in Tartu, my tea kettle is in Pärnu, and I'm in Tallinn. Maaaadneeeess!

Nah, it's ok, everything's going to turn out just fine.

But one funny thing from yesterday. I was hanging out in my senior pastor's new office when he realised that he had been sent an email which he had ignored. It was an invitation to Barack Obama's lecture which is taking place today and which all the leaders of different churches had been invited to. And as he had ignored it earlier, now he was too late with replying, phahaha! When he realised it, it was his turn to complain and my turn to chuckle. :P So yeah, Mr President is in town. The Air Force One touched down early this morning, the town is flooded by policemen, there're helicopters circling in the sky all the time, and as I walked back to church from my friend's house through the city centre in the morning I realised that there's probably a tough guy on every roof top with a big... uhmmm... nothing, never mind, I don't want to think about it, I still need to go out today. Haha!

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