Maybe I should stop posting music and start posting quotes every Tuesday for a year. I kinda like this idea. In any case, today I do both. Here's a quote from a German theologian Helmut Thielicke, a quote from one of his sermons. [A footnote - I'm digging myself into homiletics these days. That's why the sermon.]

"My life is too fashioned and guided by the same hands that beckoned the stars and the flowers at the world's dawning and make the day and the night... If a thousand years in his sight are but as yesterday, then in his eyes even my little cares will weigh no less than the immensities of Sirius; then for him the tiny stretches of my daily journey, for which I ask his blessing, are just as important as the light years that measure the reaches of cosmic space."


Today's song is Joel Ansett's Waterfall. Thanks for the song recommendation, N.!

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