I got a little break this weekend. It was great for I didn't even realise how much I needed one. Somehow things just worked out - I happened to get a day off. And then my uncle happened to have a birthday. And my cousin happened to invite everyone over to his summer house after the birthday lunch. Then there happened to be a serious family sauna party (they're all crazy about sauna, I barely survived this part of the program). And the weather happened to be really nice. People happened to be in a good mood. The lake happened to be warm enough for a swim after the sauna. The view from the porch happened to be just beautiful. Someone happened to have a big cake. No-one happened to be in a hurry. So it happened to be a wonderful day. When I got home a bit before midnight all I could say was, 'Thank you, sweet Jesus.' :)

Pictures are always worth more than words.
My family.
My cousin's sons. The sweetest kids I've ever met.
There must be someone living under the bridge!
Mid-summer flowers.
Tea and cake are always needed.
Ready for tea!
View from the porch.
View from the porch, vol 2.


  1. Love it! You deserved every single bit of it. Like the pictures, especially the birch one - there is so much spring and light and life in that picture! I ran off for C's summerhouse on Wednesday night and spend Thurs and Fri there - Thursday turning out to be this summer's first "dock day" - starting with breakfast on the dock and pretty much not leaving it for the rest of the day... except for some running and an attempt to buy some strawberries in the village (silly pastor, not knowing about public holidays...). oh yes, I did get some work done on the dock, but it still felt like cheating... ;-)

  2. Sometimes this kind of cheating is absolutely essential to one's survival! ;) But seriously, it was a perfect day, far better than I could have asked for. Now back to work!