I submitted my dissertation yesterday morning. I had sent it to Dr V. the night before and by the time I woke up yesterday he had already got back to me and made his final comments. Man, I didn't even have time for breakfast or anything, I FLEW to the library to get it done. An hour later I clicked the Submit button on Turnitin.

It's still hard to get my head around the fact that it's finished now.

The first thing I felt I had to do was to write Dr V. I almost got emotional and stuff, I thanked him for his supervision and guidance and said it had been a pleasure working with him. He suddenly seems a lot less scary now that I know he won't be sending me any more comments, haha! After lunch he wrote me back and was so very nice. He finished his email by saying, 'I advise you to consider PhD studies'. Ah, if he only knew!

I sat in the caf yesterday evening all by myself (because B.'s so busy and important he doesn't have time to hang out with me any more) and got sentimental. I still remember my first evening in Newbold 3,5 years ago. Back then I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. And how much sweat and tears it would all require. But I'm here now. I feel I've conquered this place (and this I say without any arrogance). I feel I've won.


A random question - who's reading this blog from China? I'm just curious. :)


Happiest of birthdays S., my dear friend! You deserve a great day. See you soon!

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