First of all, today's tune. Take 6, A Few More Miles. It was sometime last week when S. called and congratulated me for finishing my Paper and I told him how much I missed calling my mum and letting her know about it. Then he dedicated this song to me (probably the first time anyone has ever done something like this). And then on Sunday afternoon on our way to Reading he played it again. It seems like this song has become the soundtrack of my life these days. And I need it to be my soundtrack. I need to be reminded that there's an end to pain and heartache because Home isn't far away. Just a few more miles to go.


And now a few words need to be said about the last weekend. I think it came quite close to being epic. S.'s birthday party was great, and I felt honored to sit at the pastors' table. And then "after the party comes the afterparty"... Afterparty was truly memorable, it contained a lot of, uhmm, London. And there's something very special about partying with friends until the early hours of Sunday morning! You know what I mean, S. - thank you for organising such a memorable night! [rolling my eyes] And also, thank you for the Sunday morning and for honoring me with the responsibility of toasting bread. If I go back home and practice really hard in the kitchen, will you let me chop onions next time?

I need to stop now. Too much sarcasm, too much sarcasm.

But it's cool. We love you, S. :)

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