And again I forgot my tune yesterday. Something must be wrong with me.

But here it is - Bobby McFerrin's song The Garden (here's the long version of it and here's the short version). It's one of the most beautiful tellings of the Creation narrative. I especially like the last line, it always makes me smile.

And there was day and there was night
There was dark and there was light

There was the earth, there was the sky
And there in the tree there crawled a lie

There in Eden, there was good
There in the garden where the Tree of Life stood

There the snake was, there the pain
And we're tryin' to get back to the garden again

There was fire, there was rain
There was talk, there was shame

They were moanin', they were cryin'
But there still is a glimmer in the Big Man's eye

If I could meet any musician in the world, I think the first one would probably be Bobby McFerrin, unless I have a sudden crush on, say, Josh Groban which isn't very likely to happen (although I think everyone should follow him on Twitter, the guy is absolutely hilarious). I believe B. M. is a genius who's only used his music for good. There's so much goodness and light in his songs, and he's one of those few people who can make a bunch of random people from the audience sing like a choir in about 20 seconds. Sometimes I just watch him making magic and I believe in the power of music all over again. My favourite videos of his performances are probably this one (the expression on those scientists' face is simply priceless) and this one (sometimes I actually sing this to myself when I walk on the street, the world is so much cooler that way) and also that one.

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