Moor Close window.
When no-one takes pictures of you, you need to go for selfies. :P

I got some good news last week. Apparently a nation-wide women's magazine back home has picked up our Shoebox Presents' story and is publishing an article on the topic this week. They asked me to write a little something on how and when we started our project plus send some photos, and as far as I understood they're planning to publish the whole thing (which is quite different compared to a radio interview I gave last summer - from my five minute talk they literally used one sentence). I've never really read that magazine as I haven't held the highest opinion of its quality but you know, maybe it's time for me to re-evaluate things. I can see excellent journalism being done here, haha!

My work situation back home also seems to be settling. The way things seem to go now makes me both happy and sad. Ah, this life thing...

I heard from my dad yesterday evening that both my grandpa's sister and sister-in-law are in a very bad state. As to their health, I mean. We expect them to pass away soon - which really isn't the most tragic thing when you're 85 and have lived a meaningful life. But still my first reaction when I heard it was, Oh, I wish I could make it home on time so that I could go and sit on their bed side for one more time and read them some Psalms and assure them that the brightest things are yet to come and what we leave behind is nothing compared to what's waiting for us. Hmm, maybe there's a tiny pastor living in me after all.

I'm reading books again. I've read two Camus' books in two days - The Outsider and The Fall. Honestly, I'm not sure these are the books I should be reading at this stage of my life but part of me is really drawn to this dark existentialism. You know, life and death, truth and lie, meaning and meaninglessness, honesty and pretense, suicide and God. I get shivers when I read Camus.


  1. kui tagasi tuled, siis on mul sulle ka üks jutukas lugeda anda. "mittepühad pühakud ja teised jutustused". vene õigeusu munk kirjutas. inimestest ja ajaloost ja lugudest ja petseri kloostrist. õige positiivne lugemine (see on kõva hinnang minu poolt, kes peaaegu ei loegi midagi)

  2. Väga hea. Ma olengi praegu jutukate lainel. Teinekord tuleb isegi teoloogiast puhata. :P