It's three months today. It seems almost impossible that we've managed to live quarter of a year without her. I get very tired in my head when I have to talk ABOUT her these days. I just want to pick up my phone and talk TO her. It's been too long, too long since I last did it.

And so I find it almost ironic that today is the day when I finished my Paper. I think it's really done done now. Don't take it as an act of heroism. It's not. But it is a sign of life. And that's good enough right now.


On a brighter note, I got myself a date yesterday after the church service. Me and MJ went to talk to him and before I knew it I had promised to meet him sometime this week. He said he'd tell me everything he knew about everything (that's big!). He also mentioned that he could tell me why Aristotle was like Jesus. When MJ asked him why he hadn't told this Aristotle thing in the philosophy class he said that he didn't teach stuff like this to undergrads. So it seems like I'm going to have a proper postgrad date. I'm going out with Dr M. P. :)

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