Me and Mat Kearney used to be pretty close a few years ago. During my first Newbold year, to be more precise. I remember those long days when I studied Greek and battled with B sections (if you've done Greek in Newbold, you know the stuff), and sometimes it took me a whole day. I called them 'my Greek days'. And on my Greek days Mat Kearney used to be my constant companion, I needed his music like air. It has been a while since I've seriously listened to his music. But there's one song I keep coming back to. So ladies and gents, may I present - Mat Kearney and his I Won't Back Down. A beautiful tribute to another great singer, Johnny Cash. Enjoy!

And I won't back down
I won't turn around and around
And I won't back down
Doesn't matter what comes crashing down
I'm still gonna stand my solid ground

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