We had a family reunion few days ago. Every time we get together with our family from my mom's side I realise again - we really are an extraordinary bunch of people. The family is quite big, my grandparents had five children (my mom, her sister and three brothers), plus their spouses, 16 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. My grandad and grandma are already resting in peace but the rest of the family is very much alive. So we get together for a day every August to celebrate life and family. I always look forward to these wonderful days.

This year we had quite a program. We started our reunion by having a tour in a famous Estonian observatory and space centre, one of my uncles has got a doctor's degree in physics and he has worked in that centre for decades so he knows people. They showed us a massive telescope Estonian astronomers use and a space centre where they built our first space rocket not long ago. Fascinating stuff, really. And then we had a big church booked in southern Estonia and we gave there an hour long classical concert - some of us are professional or semi-professional musicians and it has become our family tradition to make music when we meet each other. And then we went to one of my cousin's summer house and had a real feast with tons of delicious food and swim in a lake and sauna and all.

But it's always the people that fascinate me the most. I know my grandparents saw some tough times in their life but they always stayed faithful to God. And I keep wondering whether it's the blessing of their faithfulness that we, their descendants, have upon us. I don't know how else to explain the success and blessing that seems to be on our family. It's a bunch of extremely intelligent and at the same time humble and down to earth people who do well in life and who bless others around them. I love these people to bits and I'm impatiently looking forward to the time when Jesus has come back and when we once again sit around a long table and we invite Jesus to hang out with us and we have our family reunions again. With tons of delicious food and sauna and swim in a lake, of course. And without tears or sorrows, for the order of old things has passed away.

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