It's work-work-work that fills my days but as I'm not very keen on talking about my work, I'll fill some blog space with other, rather random stuff today. I happened to go through my photos on my phone last night and I thought I'd share some of them with you today. They're just little snippets of the humdrum of ordinary life. Nothing special.

It was last Wednesday when my cousin invited me out for a family dinner. I was rather surprised to receive the invite as we've never been particularly close. He was always one of the "little ones" who used to bug us, the older cousins, during our family reunions. But then, well, he grew up all of a sudden. Now he's a young aspiring jazz pianist and as he's flying back to Berlin where he's studying, he decided to invite his family out for a nice dinner in the Old Town before leaving. This is a photo taken from the cafe where we met - it's situated in one of the towers of the old town wall. I'd never been there before. It was a nice place with an exceptional, magnificent view. It made me glad to call Tallinn my home town.

It was the Sunday morning three weeks ago when I just couldn't get up. I had spent a whole day in the church the previous day: Sabbath School's teachers class, then the Sabbath School, preaching in the divine service as well as having the Revelation seminar in the evening. I was dead when I got home that night. So I stopped trying to get up the next morning after a couple of miserable attempts and decided to stay in bed for the whole day with this wonderful book by Tim Mackintosh-Smith that had just arrived in post. I absolutely love his wit and writing style. So I read his Yemen for ten hours that day. It was a day well spent. :)

Meet my new preaching shoes. Whoop!

We have this little Whatsapp group with a couple of good ole Newbold friends. We talk about most random stuff, which I like. And now for a couple of times we've exchanged 'Sabbath selfies' with each other (even U. managed to take a photo of himself yesterday). These have been my Sabbath selfies. The first one's taken at my auntie's place one Sabbath a few weeks back. As you can see from my (auntie's) massive cardigan, it was freezing - we still had considerable amount of snow here. The other one's taken yesterday morning in the Eastern Estonia, ready for the day's work - preaching and an afternoon seminar on Homiletics.

That's it really.

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