Tuesday's Tune

I like commuting between Tartu and Tallinn because they've put some luxury buses on the road. Leather seats and private tv screens and wifi and all. So when I need to take a bus to Tallinn and I don't necessarily have to study or read, I usually switch off my brain and watch a movie. And so it was that two weeks ago when I had to go and attend a church board meeting in Tallinn, I watched a movie on the bus - Mr Morgan's Last Love. A beautiful movie and a good story (with only one cliche too many), love and life and death and all those topics... And Sir Michael Caine, ah, the guy could be a hundred years old and he's still a heart-throb! Anyway, the movie ended with Norah Jones' song Not Too Late. I've been listening to it a few times since the movie. So it's also today's tune.

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