Tuesday's Tune

Alright, the Song Festival for the last time and then I won't mention it again for the next five years. Here's the last song of the Song Festival, titled "Ta lendab mesipuu poole" ("He flies towards the beehive"). It's just about as patriotic as a song can get. It compares people to bees who have an urge to fly towards their beehive. "Even when the winds of death blow and the bullets of death fly, you forget about dying and suffering, and rush towards your homeland" says one line. One has a very sacred feeling when singing this song at every Song Festival.

This particular video shows the song being sung for the second time. In the beginning of it you can hear the singers chanting "Mesipuu, mesipuu" (beehive, beehive) so the conductor Ants Soots comes back for the second time and they sing it again. People with those oak wreaths are the conductors. It's a strange feeling, everyone knows the festival is over and yet no-one wants to move or leave. In the end you can also see the waves that start with singers and go all the way through the audience. I think this is the best moment of all - when there are no performers and no onlookers left, just Estonians.

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