So I walked down memory lane the other day as I happened to go through some of my old Newbold pictures. Man, I almost got emotional. So many good things and so many good people have happened to me over these past years. And I know some - probably most - of these photos have already been posted here and there but I still thought I'd share a small collection of my favourite pictures. I'll post 10 today, and leave another 10 for some other time. :)

With A. at one of them Christmas banquets. I'm still convinced she was the best roommate one could ask for.
Oh, don't we look just great! :P With MJ and D. at The One Project last November.
The Experience and JUMP people on the river boat.
With U. I really like that water behind us. And yes, I had pink hair back then lol.
At Daruchini's. It must have been MJ's birthday.
Hanging out in London. I can't remember the occasion though.
With S. before class. Yes, I also studied in Newbold. :P
I found this on my library desk once, haha!

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