Today's tune is yet another song I keep coming back to. It's a good song, especially for those who happen to travel through wilderness in their lives. Mat Kearney, Memorial Stones.

Memorial stones in the middle of the Jordan
Lord, you brought me along
I had a change through the desert
In you, Lord, that I'm strong 
Raining bread from the heavens
Giving me a new song
Memorial stones in the middle of the Jordan
I'm pressing on


A good friend challenged me to take part in this photo posting thing that's been going on on Facebook. I'm not sure I know all the rules but I'll post here a picture of my ordinary life for the next five days. Here's today's photo.

This is Jaani church here in Tartu. It's one of my favourite places in the whole world, a place where I go when I need some silence. Today I went there and lit a candle and thanked the Almighty for his mercies. For they are many.


Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. They mean a world to me.

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