When my mum was still alive but already severely sick, sometimes I tried to picture my life without her and my reactions to her passing. Now, looking back, I can say that none of these mental pictures have come true. I can't say whether the reality has been better or worse than I imagined, but it sure has been different. Surprisingly different. For example, one of my concerns was that with her death I'd completely lose interest in the projects I've started or have been part of. Once again, the reality has proven me wrong.

I just got back home from Tartu where I took part in our church's monthly video live broadcast.

Last week me and my faithful camera crew shot another video message for the conference's youth department. And had a lot of fun doing it!

And today we started with another Shoebox Presents project. Now this project - my baby - makes me really glad. I was really eager to let you know about it already last week but it felt inappropriate to tell my English speaking friends before my Estonian friends, haha. (I was like, Come on, you can keep your own secrets!) But now the word is out, and we try to use every media channel available for us to let people know about it. This time the project is slightly different from the first one. We won't collect school supplies for kids this time, now we're set to collect all kinds of art supplies for disabled people. Many people with either mental or physical handicap do all kinds of art, either as a hobby or as a means to earn some extra money (when it comes to state subsidy and benefits, well... Let's just say Estonia isn't exactly Scandinavia so many people look for opportunities to make extra money). We're cooperating with a nonprofit organisation that draws together disabled people from all over the country, and they have also sent me a long list of supplies that are needed. So it looks really interesting. Now I'm just hoping and praying that even more people would join our project this time and spread love.

Because for me it all comes down to love in the end. Like I've said before - there's so much darkness and sadness in this world. Too much, way too much. And I can't do much about it. But what I can, I do. I can fight this darkness and sadness with my little sword of light.

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