Tuesday's Tune

Today's song comes from a very interesting lady named Carla Bruni. She was a very successful model in 1990s but it clearly wasn't enough for her. She also started writing songs and singing. And became successful in this, too. And then she went on and married the French president back in 2008 and became France's first lady. I think she officially goes with the name of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. That's quite a story.

Now, when my good friend gave me her album No Promises a few years ago and I first listened to it, I was rather frustrated. I was like, This lady cannot sing at all! I had never heard a voice like that and I had serious troubles enjoying her singing. But the more I listened, the more I started liking her uniqueness. Until she was the leading voice of my mp3-player. Go figure how that happened.

So today's tune is Carla Bruni's Those Dancing Days Are Gone. Lyrics of this song, by the way, are William Yeats' poem. How cool is that!

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