Now I'm warming up my piano playing skills. No, I should rather say - I've started playing the piano, I've never seriously done it before. I went downstairs to the church the other day and stole the organist's hymnal from there. Then I went through it to find the easiest pieces there are in it. You know, playing in my league... I picked two pieces (one of them being Nearer, Still Nearer), and now I'm practicing them faithfully. It's actually quite hilarious. The amount of torture my genius dad needs to endure is immense - I play really-really slowly, hitting wrong piano keys all the time. So it often happens that while I'm playing in the living room, he shouts from his room something like, 'It's F instead of G on your left hand!' or 'That chord doesn't sound right!' And I'm like, 'How on earth does he know?' Haha! Sometimes I do quite well (of course, I've played the piano for 5 days now), but as soon as he steps in the room, everything goes wrong. Too much pressure. That's the price I'm having to pay for sharing the home and last name with an extremely talented musician.


On more serious note, life sucks. I've never ever in my life felt such loneliness as I feel now. The wound goes very deep. I don't even know where or how the healing process should begin.

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