As all pastors on leave would do, me and my dad quietly left the house before the morning service started today and took off. To the wild nature. We're faithfully sticking to our hobbies - he had his binoculars and I had my camera lenses with me. So we took a long trip, we almost made it to Latvia. And freezing in this bloody cold weather (it was well below -10°C) paid off - he saw some rare birds, I got some nice shots. So everyone was happy.

This is the Winter Wonderland in Pärnu county.

Pure ice.

Uhmm... a plant.

Magic of snow.

Nigula lake.

Hiking in the mire with my dad.

Chopsticks. :)

Icicles are made of light over here.

Early morning frost.

The sea is frozen.

Little Mervi in the upper right corner.

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