To my ladies

Mum's birthday flowers
As I was reading John Otrberg's piece of writing about Queen Esther, I came across this thought. I have to share it because I found it beautiful and encouraging.

"In a day when writers - even Christian writers - sometimes imply that women are relegated to the sidelines while the real action belongs to the men, it is ironic that one of the greatest heroes of the Bible is a woman who rejects the stereotype of the beauty queen, who subverts her dim-bulb husband, and who uses all her courage, initiative, and emotional intelligence to resist evil and work for good. So if you are a woman and God has gifted you to lead, for God's sake, for the church's sake, for the sake of this sorry, dark world, lead!"

(And that's exactly how it's suppose to be taken - as an encouragement to ladies who have heard lies being told to them but who have also heard God's calling. This is not a statement-hammer to bash men. No.)

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