One can't possibly click on every picture, link or video that's up on Facebook. I mean, that would be a full-time job. So most of the time I kind of ignore everything that's up on Facebook (or Twitter, for that matter) and rarely ever watch these things. But couple of weeks ago I did click on a link of a lecture that N. had on her Facebook wall. And I think I've become addicted to it by now. I've watched it at least three times, and I plan to do it again.

It's Michael Card's hour-long lecture titled Lamenting Is Worship. There's something in this talk that really satisfies my soul - it's deep and honest and somehow very calming. It reminds me again why I love theology so much. And it reminds me how deep real (not the superficial kind of) theology actually goes. On one hand it touches the most general human experience that has stayed the same for thousands of years, and on the other hand it sheds light to the darkest corners of my own soul, addressing issues that I might not want to share even with my closest friends. It's a truly uplifting and comforting talk about lamenting & worshiping, and about how human beings can hold on to their faith when absolutely nothing (including God's hesed) makes sense.

So if you have an hour, watch it. I can't guarantee that you'd become addicted to it as I have, but I can guarantee M. C. will say things deep and personal that will resonate with your soul.

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