Grand Finale

I've been running around Tartu for the last two days. Now I'm back home and I can really call it a day. Over the two days we were able to sort out our huge shoe-box present pile and take 90 presents to the kids in need. My heart is filled with gratitude and amazement because we prayed and asked for 90 presents but in the end we got about 115. I have been reminded again that when God blesses, He doesn't fill half of the cup, He fills it so that the cup would overflow. Our cup truly overflows. 

As I saw the excitement and the joy of these little kids I knew instantly that our presents went to the right place. Those smiles and the thankfulness of their teachers made our effort well worth it. We're so going to do this again!

Now I have another problem. We need to figure out what to do with the extra 25 shoe-boxes. Oh, I wish I had more problems like this in my life right now!

The piles were truly impressive.

That's what blessing looks like.

With one of the piles. Great stuff.

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